Saturday, November 21

Sharing The Girly Traditions

When the girls were young and still trying to figure themselves out--and we know they are all finished with that now at 23 and 25--I made every effort to offer them ample opportunities with varied efforts to make that task all the more easier.

Anything they wanted explore, I supported them. Of source the one stipulation was, anything they started they had to finish through--just to give themselves the full benefit of having explored it.

We--as a family--had so many creative outlets! Now, in hindsight, I have to say we are the more richer as a result (even though the "original" family is scattered!).

Part of that enrichment took the form of Philharmonic Orchestra and the once-a-year Nutcracker Ballet.

We were privileged to visit the Philharmonic Orchestra performances on a variety of occasions. I was tutoring the conductor's wife on computer and she was kind enough to provide me and my young girls with exceptionally good seats. So befitting the occasion, we dressed to the nines and attended with quiet respect. The girls ages were still in the singles digits. They were quiet and sat in awe of the precision in which the musicians played. And after each performance, they were privileged enough to go backstage and see all those shiny instruments up close and personal. I still think these visits had something to do with my eldest being first chair cello and my youngest being first chair flutist in their high school years. The seed was planted...

The ballet was a different matter altogether.

It was always such a special occasion. The girls would don their Christmas dresses. The good perfume would be brought out and used with wild abandon, Hair would be upswept and the "fancy" earrings would be pulled out of safe-keeping. This was a grand occasion.

In spite of their early years, I remember how the girls would sit mesmerized throughout the entire performance. During intermission, we'd venture into the lobby for bathroom breaks and keepsake Christmas ornaments were purchased.

At the end of the performance, we'd gather up our treasures and spend the ride each discussing out favorite parts of the evening.
This was a "girls only" outing-- not that Dad every felt slighted or showed any interest at all.

This was a girl thing.

This year--after a 10 year break from this holiday tradition--the city-girl and I will be introducing Momo to the Nutcracker Ballet. I'm really terribly excited.

I'm sure the city-girl will be happy to know that tickets have been purchased and the date has been marked on our calendars. Three generations will be seeing the Nutcracker this year.

The only upsetting part is that the youngest member pf our female entourage--Miss Jeni--will be unable to join us. But she will be there in spirit...