Wednesday, January 28

Weather Indicater

The city-girl daughter says you can always tell it's cold
if you see Lina with her nose up her ass.

Whatever Gets You Through

The icy cold from yesterday has spilled over into today.
The sky is grey and there's a slight fog rolling in this morning.

It's so beautiful, you almost forget how treacherous it can be.

The hibiscus blooming in my bedroom provides a sharp contrast--
keeping me ever mindful of warmer days and better things to come.

So many textures here!

But for now, I must deal with this a while longer.

Sunday, January 25

Medicinal Purposes

I've gotten into the habit of reading this blog called Proof:

For the past 10,000 years or so, wherever humans have gathered, there has been alcohol. Some never touch the stuff. But most do. It is used to celebrate, commiserate, mourn, remember and, often, to forget. It is different things to different people: libation, anesthetic, emotional crutch, social lubricant, addictive substance, sacred potion, killer or commodity. In "Proof," contributors consider the charms, powers and dangers of drink, and the role it plays in their lives.

If we dig deep enough, or are honest enough, we can see the role alcohol has played in our lives. Good, bad or indifferent--it is what it is.

Today JB says he has a touch of a bug. He has had the sniffles, clears his throat constantly and has had the chills.

But after a couple of beers, a bottle and a half of Reisling, he seems to be feeling much better.

Friday, January 23

The Turkey Lives

A week ago today, we went down to check on Austin Nichols. And he is doing just fine.
The city-girl even allowed him a peck or two of her hand. He was gracious enough to do a bit of a visit--sans flash.

I just wonder when he will be ready for the real world? Certainly not during spring turkey season! But I also wonder whether it is up to him or those who have become so accustomed to his company...

Sunday, January 18

More Than You Really Need To Know

What is it about others lives that make them so interesting? Could it be part of the grass-is-greener theory, perhaps? Or maybe it's just a welcome diversion from our own life!

My friend Kat from Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes was recently interviewed by a fellow blogger. She agreed to provide a short interview for me and has tagged me with five questions of her choosing. If you're interested in keeping the interview ring going, see the info at the bottom of this post.

1.What is your philosophy in life?
Keep moving! I'm a bit driven--knowing what needs to get done and driving everyone insane while getting it done. My parents are depression babies, so I was raised with fundamentals of integrity, accountability and responsibility. I was taught to rely on myself, trust my gut instincts and live honestly--expecting no less from those around me. If you strive to live with a clear conscience, it keeps life from becoming complicated.

2.Which plant do you look forward to the most in the Spring?
I'm always in awe of the strength of daffodils and tulips, standing tall against those harsh last traces of winter.

3.What is your absolute favorite thing to cook?
My favorite thing to cook is stir fry. It's quick, nutritious and so colorful. I do enjoy the smell of simmering onions and/or garlic.
But the best part of cooking is the gratitude and appreciation from those who sample the outcome.

4.Tell me one of your most-treasured memories of you and your daughter.
When I was pregnant with my second daughter, the city-girl was just a little over 12 months. I remember how sick I was that first trimester! As I was experiencing the throes of morning sickness, the city-girl daughter would be like an echo, mimicking every sound as I made it. It was pretty funny! It made me realize what a huge responsibility was ahead of me, too.

5.Where were you married?
I married JB right here in our living room beside the Christmas tree in 2001. The local justice of the peace performed the ceremony. We wore jeans and had 2 wedding pictures taken by 1 of the 3 guests that attended.
I've had 2 traditional weddings and have come to the conclusion that it's really not about how it gets done--its more about the two people that are getting married.

Here are the rules:
Here are the instructions if you wish to be interviewed by me:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me".
2. I will respond by e-mailing you five questions (I get to pick the questions)
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
I will post a list of those who have agreed to an interview so everyone can follow along.

Tuesday, January 13

Let Me Help Ease Your Pain

This is where I blog, do homework, read, pay bills and email daily.

Quite the mess, but I admit I tidied it up just a little before photographing. I said a little!

You see that reverse tilt keyboard stand? My JB made that for me! I had seen one that was quite expensive and showed it to him, while remarking "I bet you could make me one of those."
He surprised me with this for Christmas!

The reverse slope eases the strain on the wrists.
Note, I do have a gel wrist pad for my wireless mouse.

Since my classes are web intensive, I spend lots of time in front of the computer. I try to keep everything as ergonomically correct as possible.

Just about everything I need is within my neutral reach zone.

If your shoulder hurts, or wrists ache, or if you have tingling in your fingers, PLEASE hear me out. I have had 2 computer related surgeries. I have had physical therapists tell me that I should no longer do computer-related jobs.

What can I say? I love a challenge! And I am always on the lookout for a better way to continue doing what I do with as much comfort as possible.

If you're hurting now :
  • invest in a good ice gel pack to help reduce inflammation. Use it as necessary. I know a heating pad feels better, but a gel pack will reduce inflammation, which will make you feel better longer.
  • Take a pain reliever (Aleve works for me, but I maybe do that one or twice a year now!)
  • See a chiropractor. I can't tell you how much I have benefited from this alone.
  • Take up Yoga
  • And please, please adjust your workstation!

I want you to feel better because I like reading what you have to say. So, do it for me okay?

Saturday, January 10

IMS Is A Lot Like IBS

So we've hear about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Not something welcome in everyday conversation, but real, nonetheless.

IMS (Irritable Male Syndrome) is a lot like IBS. Both involve a backlog of shit.

IMS is a clinical, proven condition--except to those 50+ males! Its is described as the volatile mood swings of a syndrome that can wreak havoc with a man's closest relationships

Maybe I'm a lot like that group of men who suddenly are faced with a wife in menopause. I'm shocked by their behavior, confused as to what has become of my mate, and wondering just how f-ing long this is going to continue!

It makes life interesting, to say the least.

This man--who used to hang on my every word, who used to accompany me everywhere and kiss my hand repeatedly--has taken on a Jackie Gleason mystique and takes great pleasure in antiquated "ball and chain" jokes.

Conversation has become a series of grunts and eye rolling.

Who is this man and what has he done with that man I married?

I gave him this little token not too long ago:

I was hoping he'd understand how emotions can flow. I started menopause about five years ago. I'd like to think I am through. I think I am--but I'm not taking anything for granted.

This is the area we refer to as the "man cave."

This is where you will find him 90% of his time at home. He talks on his ham radio to his old fart friends and surfs the internet--primarily Ebay and YouTube.

I'll be glad when this phase passes--I miss him.

Thursday, January 8

Feet, Don't Fail Me Now

Begging please don't make a fool of me
Feet don't fail me now
Please don't keep me where I should not be
Feet don't fail me now
Stop pretending that you've gone to sleep
Feet don't fail me now
Begging please don't make a fool of me

A visit to the local drugstore netted this latest beauty tool: Pampered Toes by Ped Egg is designed to revitalize tired feet and stretch cramped toes.

The city-girl daughter and I put them on through fits of giggles and sat through the suggested 10 minutes of wear.

After reading the accompanying documentation I feel that I must warn you that if you attempt to eat Pampered Toes, choking or health problems may result.

Also they are for external use only (where else would we have feet? In our mouth? Up our ass?).

Here's a shot of pampered feet.

The youngest daughter purchased her wedding shoes while visiting during the holidays. I applaud her good sense in selecting something comfortable for her big day. The shoes are all satiny white with lots and lots of sparkly stones across the straps. Very, very shiny.

And here's something to get your feet moving:

Wednesday, January 7

I'm Singing

I've held off posting for days, unsure of what to release. Life is not pristine--but I've pointed that out many, many times. Whose life is??

Sometimes I think we are a product of the media. We read fairy tales. We see far too many romance comedies where everything works out happily every after. Is there such a thing?
It's just plain mean to present such propaganda!!

It is what it is.

I read those posts of happy family life. I'm skeptical. I had that perfectly-presented-to-the-public-life for some 18 years. When I got to the point that it became increasingly painful to live the lie, I divorced the guy. We all have the right--and obligation--to live a truly happy life.

I'm down for the truth these days. Why mislead any unsuspecting youth? It just wouldn't be fair.

I'm into this marriage 7 years now. I'd like to think it's perfect, but I know better. I am thankful that I realize my happiness is not dependent upon it.

Now, that's progress.

Sunday, January 4

A New Year, A Fresh Start

This gift from the city-girl daughter brought tears to my eyes on Christmas Day. I've hung it in the living room to remind me that the best things can take a little longer.

Practice makes better.
But I have found that anything you do consistently becomes easier, wouldn't you agree?
It's best to never give up. You have to keep trying new tactics and be open to constructive criticism. Never, ever give up.

And if the shoe fits...
I pulled out a nice pair of heeled clogs yesterday to see if I could still enjoy the added height without killing myself. I'm still alive. The empty shoebox proved to be too great a temptation for Lina. She is still trying to find her niche, exploring every new area.

If you step off the curb, you can always step back on.
Yesterday, I watched as a spider dangled just inches from the whirling fan blades in the bedroom. Surely he must have realized his mistake in judgment too late. I called JB in to watch as the spider was suspended just a fraction above the spinning blades. JB immediately cut off the switch in an effort to aid the disoriented creature, giving him am opportunity to recover. Once the blades stopped though, he didn't seem to recover--or maybe he didn't want to.

My dog, Blue, has life all figured out.
He appreciates good food, how the warmth of sunshine can enhance a nap, and how a ride in the car can change your perspective.
And thanks to my youngest daughter, Blue and I can enjoy XM Radio while we ride!