Sunday, October 25

Potholes In The Road

The first time you travel through a pothole, it may startle you because you never saw it coming. This is your chosen path-- over all others -- and you have learned to lean with the curves in the road. There's a certain comfort found in familiarity.

Second time around, you might get angry at yourself--because you knew it was there, right? What were you thinking? When the jolt rattles your teeth and upsets everything, you may blame yourself for not fixing the broken part of the road, even though you know you are ill-equipped to do such things.

So you continue traveling the same way, thinking you will see the pothole in time to drive around it. Such confidence! Inevitably, the scenery proves to be distracting and you hit the damn hole again.

No blood, no foul. So you just keep going.

At some point, it may dawn on you that the pothole is not getting fixed. Others may not find it as unpleasant as you do. There must be some who may actually like potholes and accept them as part of the ride. In fact, they may drive right through the potholes at high speed just for the thrill of the jolt. So what if it takes a day or so to get everything adjusted and back in line?

But soon you notice, those who seek the jolt don't get everything adjusted and back in line. The papers that are scattered by the bump stay scattered. What has fell off the dash and rolls under the seat, stays under the seat. Yet they continue to plow right through the pothole as things scatter and roll.

You may find yourself wondering what is wrong with me that I can't see the thrill in the jolt? Jolt seekers may suggest you are too rigid and controlling because you choose the comfort of knowing where items are, over speculating where they may have shifted.

You may listen, but ultimately you decide you won't be spending time retrieving anything from under the seat. It may take a bit more effort while traveling to look for the pothole and drive around it, but you realize this plan nets the greatest benefit.

But as you swerve to miss the pothole, you may realize this old path just isn't as scenic as you once thought. This particular path has lost a bit of its charm. You may even begin to believe the journey doesn't justify the swerve in the road.

Saturday, October 17

He's The Love Of My Life

I have better pictures of Elijah Blue--I just can't put my hands on them right now.

This is how he looked before our move to Virginia in 2001.

He made the trip and has since, lost his sight. He moves around as if he hasn't, though. I admire his dignity.

What I love most about him is how he is always glad to see me, always forgiving and puts no other before me. He is my ever faithful companion, through thick and thin.

Makes me think of the saying "If you want undying love and affection, get a dog."

Happy Tenth Birthday, Elijah Blue.

Wednesday, October 14

Earning My Ride Out Of Town

I got flowers yesterday. One dozen yellow yellow roses, to be exact.

From my youngest, they were. She had sent flowers for my birthday last week. But when the florist delivered them, I walked inside, vase in hand--and became outraged. At this point and time I hadn't even pulled the card to see WHO had been kind enough to send the flowers. I was too intent on the brown withering edges of the white petals to notice.

I promptly turned around and went out the front door, appalled. I chased the delivery driver. I pecked upon his window as he was driving off in an attempt to get him to stop. He seemed shocked and more than a little put out when I stopped him.

After he had stopped his vehicle, I asked him how he could possible equate what I held in my hand with the term "fresh flowers." He pulled one brown-edged stem from the vase and scrutinized it more closely. Then he snorted "Give 'em back to me."
No apology. Nothing. Might I add this was an elderly gentleman which I understand at one point was actively involved with young men's civic activities (but it was later revealed, not in the best possible light).

He was gone by the time I had realized I hadn't even read the card. Who had sent these flowers with the best possible intent and had been inadvertently screwed?

So, I spoke to Miss Jeni and explained (after I got a voicemail saying she hoped I enjoyed her birthday gift). She phoned and demanded a refund and the went online to order direct from the best florist in town.

This is what I received yesterday.

The funny thing is, from what I understand in speaking with Miss Jeni today, the dozen yellow roses were actually was less expensive than the shitty arrangement that was delivered first go round.

It's so nice to get what you pay for.

Monday, October 12

Play Bingo and Win A Condom

I received this notice in my campus mailbox last week.

A Condom Carnival! What an intriguing idea!
Safe should be a given, but fun intercourse got my attention.

I read further and had questions. Since I am over 50, who else would I go to except the 25-year-old city-girl?

What, I asked, is a dental dam? She threw her head back in laughter and said she could not believe I was asking her. Well, of course I was asking, because I didn't know and had decided that she may.

From the information I gathered, it is an apparatus used during oral sex to prevent the spread of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). Due to the level of discomfort for the city-girl daughter and for myself, I let it go at that.

While I am thrilled that such things exist, I'm still curious... How does it work? Is it intended for the male or female? What does it look like?

Needless to say, I was not curious enough to attend the Condom Carnival, play a round of bingo and pick one out, should I win.

Momo and I discussed this very thing during a recent telephone conversation. She asked me if it was something new. I told her I had never heard of such a thing, so perhaps it was new. Without a moment's hesitation, she told me she sure hoped it had been around for some time.

Although I am not completely playing by the rules as outlined, I'm counting this post as "one more" for the wrap up for the Honest Scrap Award.
If I were to play by the rules and reveal my innermost thoughts, you would hear from me no more, as I would be run out of town on a rail!

Saturday, October 10

Honestly, Though...

I'm going to lay it all out there and give you more. It wasn't really my idea, though. Well over a week or so, I got tagged for the Honest Scrap Award by my pal across the way.

Here's the rules:
I now have to say 10 honest things about myself... I'm going to bend the rules and break it up and do 5 and 5.

1. I really enjoy the outdoors-- landscaping and gardening, that is. It's an escape.
I'm a bit weary today as I moved the immediate yard yesterday. I quit when I couldn't see anymore--at just about dusk. My feet were tired. JB usually mows but his mower broke a belt about a week ago and he's just a bit too caught up with other things to replace it.

I don't mow the big stuff! I just mow around the house so the knot-heads don't beat me around the ankles when I go from the driveway to the house. I use the mower I finagled from my ex-husband during our divorce. It's self-propelled, so after about 2 or 3 hours, it's pulling me around the house.

And the house isn't really that big. There's a studio on the left that JB uses for woodworking. It's not attached, but does look like it from the road.

2.I have been forced into learning patience.
I love the back yard. When I first moved back to Virgina, I begin planning a walking garden. Now I am afraid I have created much more than I can keep up with.
And I have great plans for that little guest house. One day...

3. I'm a closet hairdresser.
I cut JB's hair probably twice a year, although he needs it done more often. I usually badger him until he submits! He really needs a professional to do it for him, although I must admit I am getting better (and faster) at getting it done.

4. I'm a bit obsessive.
Generally, when I start a project, I go full steam. Unfortunately, I begin to wear out before I'm quite through. I always finish what I start, but end up dead tired. Let's just say I sleep well.
Today for example, I cleaned the basement. The weather has turned cooler so I had to make room for all my plants. It's done, But I am ready to get horizontal!

5. Sometimes I feel like I'm running out of time.
I can't believe that more than 50 years of my life has passed! It makes me feel like I have to hurry to do everything that I'd like to get done.

6. I wish we could all be honest.
Why is honesty so hard? Really, it's the simpler way... and there'd be an end to assuming.

Okay, so I did 6. That just means I'm ahead for tomorrow...

Sunday, October 4

I Had My Cake And Ate It Too

Today I am 51.

What a day, indeed. But don't they all end up ultimately that way?

The city-girl daughter worked a lunch shift then waited patiently while I took my birthday cake out of the oven before taking me to dinner. That was quite a treat! I am so happy she is living close to me--living with me--so I am a part of her life (as she is mine) every day. That is a wonderful blessing. And yes, I tell her that at every opportunity.

But, this morning I went to visit Pop because he has a suspicious bruise on his side that is totally unwarranted. Looks like more of a large (12X14) blood blister...

He and I and Momo went to the ER to have it investigated. He is scheduled for a follow up with his personal physician tomorrow. The city-girl daughter is going to hoard in with the premise of birthday cake and then phone me to see if I need to cut my afternoon classes.

I'm sure Pop will be fine--he is a tough old buzzard. Sitting with him in the ER reminded me of visits with my children. You spend the bulk of your time finding conversations that are completely distracting in an effort to get them to forget where they are and what why they are there...

I feel so bad for not posting. There is so much going on and often I just have a difficult time putting everything into words. I will try to do better, because I know inquiring minds want to know, and the practice will do me great good as I have a ginormous number of papers to write this semester. Be patient with me as I am still learning so much...

I'll leave you with these shots of the city-girl daughter playing tennis last Thursday...

If nothing else, this is an example as to how very important is is to remain focused on our goals.