Wednesday, April 12

The Great Outdoors

This photo was shot April 2nd while walking the property line with my uncle. I came across this tree and thought it so unusual. It 's very reminiscent of staring at clouds to see what unfolds, don't you think?

I always enjoy my time at home, especially outdoors. This 26 acres provides space for many a fantasy. In five years, we've moved fences twice, opening up a 5-6 acre yard. The other half mows... and mows... and mows. Then he walks around the house like a rooster, admiring the yard from every window.

I plant and prune and move rocks.
This year I've started my tomato plants from seeds. I have a pot of 6 I need to separate.
I have a bit of the rooster syndrome too, I think. I make it a priority to plant the majority of things so they are visible from one of the many windows inside the house.

I've been battling a bit of the dreaded carpal tunnel with all its delights and tests, and as a result, neglected my blog. In fact, today is the first day I've checked my email in 3 days! I don't know what has come over me.
I have an hour commute to work each day. Time spent darting in and out of traffic and eyeballing the side and rearview mirrors for state troopers. I listen to the radio and use the windshield time to ponder over the meaning of life. I used to play catch up--returning phone calls and making appointments--but the dreaded "CT" puts too much pinch on the elbow area. So I think. And analyze. And replay life's moments in my head.

I don't play the "what if" game anymore. I'm thankful I have realized this is a waste of time. I find that I worry less and try to take life for what it is--day to day.