Monday, June 29

The Best Laid Plans

Try as I may, I still can't grasp the idea that lists, goals and plans don't guarantee success.

I'm in denial, the city-girl daughter tells me matter-of-factly. She not cynical, shes says. She's a realist.

Okay. Okay. I'm listening, but I'm not really hearing any of it. Learning to ride the waves, rather than resist the pulls and tugs of daily living, I've decided is the key.

Just last week, I photographed this delighted traveler as she was setting off for a short visit with a childhood friend.
After finishing another semester of school, and working too many shifts waiting tables, she was obviously embracing a few days off to relax and catch-up

So off we go--in plenty of time--to the airport west of our little kingdom. With more than an hour to spare, we were feeling good. That is until the city-girl daughter's ticket number could not be found in the system. It was only after she and I had both tried several times, did I notice her flight was booked at the airport to the east of our little kingdom.

Back in the car we went, knowing are chances of catching the flight (more than 50 miles to the east) were slim to none.

No harm, no foul is what my old friend the nurse always said.

During the drive, arrangements were made to catch the next flight via phone. It really worked out better because we had time for lunch and a proper send-off.

She doesn't look near as excited the second airport, does she?

Upon seeing this sign, she reminds me I have always told her she was special.

This face is in response to the TSA asking if there were any sharp objects in her bag.
She replied, "Tweezers?"

Having completed all the necessary check-in procedures, she explains the events of the day to the anxious folks who have a limo waiting for her in Atlanta.

Tuesday, June 23

The Music God Made

JB and I went to see this fellow a week ago, last Tuesday. I am happy to report that while he may have aged, his voice is still perfection!

I have many, many pictures!

The lyrics below are to a song that was actually performed at my second wedding. When I heard it again at the concert, it made me think of all sorts of things.

If love is in fact the music that God has made, I should really learn to not dwell on the sour notes.

Saturday, June 20

I'm A Delicate Flower

So I can relate to my dog, Blue.
I did not pass my certification exam Thursday.
Disappointing? Yes. But not fatal.
After another round of hitting the books, I'll give it another shot.

So what happened to the Academic Excellence student?
I'm thinking a wee bit of test anxiety...

So, I'm taking a breather for the next day or so. I plan on learning to relax.
The city-girl daughter has suggested I don't know HOW.

The problem is there's always something that needs to be done.
But Lina has no problem just chillin' while JB mows our bajillion-acre yard.

But even JB know when to take a break.
He rescued a turtle while mowing and brought it to safety in the Hosta bed.

The flowerbeds and the garden are calling my name.
But I've been encouraged to stay inside as the humidity is very high
and I am a delicate flower.

Sunday, June 14

A Dose Of Reality

We've been getting a lot of rain and thunderstorms here lately.

It's all we can do to keep up with the yard and flowerbeds.

There are times, I think we are fighting a losing battle.
I went planting-crazy a few years back and now everything is everywhere!

It's so hard to stay inside and study when you look out the window
and there is so much that needs to be done--everything is calling your name.

The city-girl daughter has encouraged me to "get my inner geek on."
I've been working at it. I've been cramming for the big certification test on Tuesday for 2 or 3 days now. Studying makes me a bit crazy. I can only take so much of it and then I must drastically change gears.

So yesterday, I decided to take the day off from the books to do some much-needed spring cleaning. I cleaned out from under the deck where I store all my gardening stuff.

I worked in the humidity (in the shade) until my hair was soaking wet--about three times.

Then I stepped into the cool of the basement to clean and re-organize the area that houses all my gardening chemicals and birdfeeders.

I drank Gatorade and lots of water, but this post-menopausal body just doesn't seem to care. I fell out just before dark after a shower and 2 glasses of wine.

Sunday, June 7

Happily Ever After

The wedding was 8 days ago.

According to the phone call I received from the new bride--day before yesterday--the honeymooners should be returning home today.

The city-girl daughter and I reconnected with the groom's family and met new family members. They're in-laws, but the absolute best kind. They're the kind of people that embrace you unconditionally and focus on the positive while refusing to admit anything lesser exists.

I'm so happy for my youngest and her beau of more than 7 years. With two sets of parents on each side, they have the strongest support system imaginable.

There were tears at the wedding. The city-girl daughter and I dabbed at our eyes and sniffed, while the groom's sister (a bridesmaid) used her entire hand repeatedly in an effort to keep her face dry.

Happy tears. Tears that melt your heart...