Saturday, August 22

Zero Minus Ten And Counting

So JB has been gone for what--five days now--and can you guess how I decided to spend my time?

I had great plans. I had decided to "chill -lax" (the city girl's words for chill and relax)--but do you think I really had it in me? Wouldn't it have been grand, if it had happened?

But no, it didn't.

I decided this was the opportune time to get the bedroom done. And remembering that I had traded a car (two years ago) for a little cash and enough labor to get the bedroom all sealed before winter, I jumped at the chance.

JB left at 7:45 am on Wednesday and by 8:00 I started moving furniture like a woman possessed. By 2 pm when the materials were delivered, I was ready.

I did have a bit of help. Pop came over, two days running-- to make sure everything was wired correctly.

So here it is Saturday night and I'm looking at at a a lot of drywall yet to sanded and painted, but I feel good about what has been accomplished. I would have liked for it all to have been done, but this is what happens. You do what you can, right?

Saturday, August 15

You Never Know Until You Try

"Results! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results.
I know several thousand things that won't work."

-- Thomas A. Edison

It would seem that Mr Edison and I have a great deal in common. After all the planning, my upside down tomato plant yielded but ONE tomato.

Friday, August 7

Your Cliche is Calling

If you expect a rainbow...

then you have to learn to put up with a little rain.

I've had a bit of trouble expressing myself lately, so I have resorted to cliches.

Sunday, August 2

It's Best To Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Most mornings when I walk through the kitchen I can see a basket-full of dog on the deck.

He looks quite comfy, doesn't he? And things are so quiet and peaceful until he wakes up!

Sometimes I can get through a glass of juice before he wakes. I try to be quiet, but he's usually awakened when I dump the carafe of water in the coffemaker.

He's not a slow riser. If I were to open the patio doors just a crack, he'd leap up out of the basket and be ready...

And once Lina appears in the kitchen, we start yet another day of a battle between the sexes, so to speak. He snarls, growls, paces and body slams the door in an attempt to rattle her.

But Lina is always in fine form. Like a true lady, she does her very best to just ignore him.