Friday, July 31

I'm Twice Her Age

Since we last visited, the city-girl daughter turned 25.

I sewed those flashy silver sequins on a red shirt at her subtle request.

She told me since she had never gotten a "4" dress like her sister, I should do it.
What was I thinking? I never realized the flash was something she wanted.

She had a lovely day with lots of flowers.

A single rose from her male acquaintance before their lunch in the next city
(not her significant other, mind you)

And a lovely bouquet of varied pink flowers from Miss Jeni.
Once I saw the lilies, I knew it had to be from Jen.

The birthday girl retired early--
as a responsible young lady should--
ever mindful of her obligations the next day.

Tuesday, July 14

And She Doesn't Cook?

The city-girl gets caught up in the moment sometimes. We talk about all sorts of things. We discuss current events, human behavior or the latest celebrity gossip.

And sometimes in the the midst of all this, I'm cooking.

While I'm busy doing chopping, I'll cleverly ask her to stir what's on the stove. My hands are wet or messy, so I'll ask her to check what's in the oven or fetch me something out of the cabinet.

She's been "helping" in the kitchen since she was a small child so she does it without hesitation. But I really pushed the envelope when I asked her to turn the eggrolls while I prepared more...

But I know how she likes eggrolls.

Monday, July 13

Puberty In Reverse

This is on loan from Momo.

If I remember correctly,
she came across this little gem just about the time
Pop was in his mid-fifties.

After doing some research I have learned that the grouchiness
can be attributed to andropause. It is very common
and is basically male menopause.

With all the remedies for female menopause, why haven't we allowed the same acceptance to the male equivalent? It's a shame that andropause doesn't get the attention and those suffering with it don't get treatment.

Saturday, July 11

When Life Gives You Lemons

Here's a photo of my latest project.

Blue, Lina and Haji were kind enough to demonstrate
the practicality of a wine cork rug.

I've been saving wine corks since JB and I married,
about eight years ago. I never had any steadfast plans for
the corks, although I once had thought they would make an
interesting floor covering for the basement bathroom.

I'm now working on rug number two.

The cork contribution has dwindled considerably as these days I may add
two corks a week at best and JB has become strictly a canned beer man...

Any novel ideas for beer cans??