Friday, November 28

The Morning After

The day after--when all those delectable Thanksgiving dishes get lost in a sea of Tupperware and tin foil.

What is really in the refrigerator?

Be brave and let us all see what the morning after looks like at your house.

I'm proud.
Hell--I'm downright tickled--that I got everything to fit!

The unidentifiable good stuff is safe in vintage Tupperware and Reynolds Wrap.

I think I'll go have some lunch...

Thursday, November 27

I Am Truly Thankful

Looks like the city-girl daughter had her doubts about the fried turkey.

But--true to form--JB cooked it to perfection.

The turkey, along with the multitude of other flavorful goodness we had going on, has left us all quite stuffed. It was a great day, filled with the laughter and conversation of lots of family...

and the first time I have had Thanksgiving with the city-girl since 1999. It was also the first time we have had all the whole family together since I came back to Virginia.

Truly marvelous.

Wednesday, November 26

Sunbathing In November

Scary, isn't he?

Well, you needn't worry--it's just a yawn, not a roar.

You see, he was sleeping comfortably
until I decided to photograph his laziness.

Tuesday, November 25

Blueberry Almond Coffee Cake

Wonderfully light! A great idea for the holidays, too.

1 cup self-rising flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
2/3 cup buttermilk
2 tablespoons butter, melted
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries, divided
1/2 cup sliced almonds
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Combine the flour and sugar in a large bowl. In another bowl, whisk the egg, buttermilk, melted butter and vanilla until blended. Stir into dry ingredients just until moistened. Stir in 2/3 cup blueberries.
Pout into 8-inch greased square baking dish. Top with remianing blueberries.
Combine the almonds, brown sugar and cinnamon; sprinkle over top.
Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Friday, November 21

We're All Doing Just Fine

I've been waiting a long time for this shot. Since Lina came to live with us back in May, Thomas has been out of sorts. Its more of a love-hate relationship. He loves the attention--but true to his gender--wants it on his terms. Look at how he glares at her!

I have this one doe that circles the persimmon tree about three times a day. I think it safe to say that by dinnertime, she has invited 12-14 friends. I hear that after the first frost , persimmons are really sweet.

I really am happy about having so many deer this time of year, because they are safe from hunters. I'd just as soon they stay away in the spring when I'm trying to grow plants and a garden though. I guess you just can't have it both ways, can you?

The bluejays are out in force. I'm going to have to fill the feeders this weekend.

I hate to, though. Lina is getting so much pleasure from watching them through the patio doors as they eat all of Thomas' catfood.

And I just noticed how Blue's hair makes the most perfect little heart right in the middle of his forehead. Can you see it, too?

Tuesday, November 18

And Winter Sets In

I awoke to a light dusting of snow and bitter cold (26 degrees). The same doe that comes several times a day, was under the persimmon tree, just waiting to see what the wind had knocked down for her pleasure. The movement in her jaw indicates she has found something.

Since we have been lax in our purchase of bird seed--I can't seem to get over the prices--they are helping themselves to the catfood. This unremorseful bandit has been caught on film!

No matter--It seems to have kept Lina amused and away from old man Thomas for a bit.

And my gargolyle-- high atop the bird feeders--seems to have captured the essence of today's snow. It was more of a nuisance than anything.

Saturday, November 15

Just When You've Given Up Hope

I went to a chiropractor yesterday and it changed my life.

No kidding. I had no idea I could feel like this. I left euphoric. I giggled as I drove home. I was downright giddy.

I've been plagued by the usual shoulder, neck and wrist pain that accompanies many years in front of a keyboard. I've even been subjected to two surgeries as a result. I have gel ice packs in the freezer and Aleeve in the medicine cabinet. I can predict the weather with my left shoulder and neck.

But all that changed yesterday... I have range of motion that I haven't had in 15 years!
And it didn't involve shots or chemicals--now how cool is that?

I'm definitely hooked and believe a visit to the chiropractor is something everyone should experience.

And guess who suggested I should go for a visit? Why-- that would be the 24-year-old city girl daughter. She's full of surprises.

Wednesday, November 12

My contract position ended today so I had extra time (more on that later) and did my best to capture what was going on outside:

Lina is on the inside, I realize, but she just demands attention.

I caught these deer in a display of affection...

I'm judging by their encounter ( and please forgive me, I didn't dare open the door for fear that if I did, they would wander under a hunter's scope) that they are mother and child.

Look how protective she is! I can see a bit of myself here.

Tuesday, November 11

Learning To Ride The Waves

Day--what is it?-- on NaBloPo Mo? I don't even know and what does it matter really?

I have slacked off posting because I run out of time--every single day! But I will share with my followers, that life is working right now. So I am reveling in that fact alone. Nothing else matters, now does it?

I m finishing school in just four short weeks ( I have 7 hours to go before graduation)--but the absolute best part is that the city-girl daughter is finishing her first semester and she has already registered for the spring semester.

I am so happy and so very, very proud of what she has accomplished.

Life is, indeed, grand.

More later.

Saturday, November 8

It Warms My heart

The best part of the weekend for me is being able to admire the view from one of our many windows. During the week, I miss this.

My bedroom is on the southside of the house and this is my view. It gives me great pleasure to watch the sun cast shadows across the backyard in the morning.

But usually by this time in the morning, the sun gets so bright that it runs me out of the bedroom and off the computer. The glare on the screen is too much and the room starts to heat up.

Its okay, I have laundry and housecleaning to do anyway.

Thursday, November 6

We Think ALike

Each year I dread the beginning of hunting season.

I've heard all the arguments and I still find it cruel.

Wednesday, November 5

One Vote

I 'm so proud I could be a part of her first time to vote.

I had the day off on Tuesday so the city-girl daughter and I went to the polls together. I snapped pictures with the pride of a mother sending a well-dressed daughter to the prom. I didn't want to miss a thing.
We voted at a local church.
What's that about separation of church and state again?

She was given a sample ballot to review.

A volunteer verified her identity.

And she took her place in front of the touchscreen,
in preparation of casting her vote for change.

Tuesday, November 4

Is There No Shame?

Not knowing if I was 40 hours or 20 this week, I prepared last weekend by doing all my homework for the coming week, catching up the laundry and most of the housecleaning. So what do I do with unexpected time off?

Trim the dog...

And settle in for a little light reading.

The Cosby book, Come On People, is wonderful. While the book's criticism may have been aimed at the irresponsibility of young black men, I don't believe the bad habits are isolated to any given race.. or gender, for that matter! I'm loving what he has to say:

We and the others in our generation weren't saints. We'll be first to admit that... But something called "parenting" had wormed its way into our heads from the time we were still in the womb, said to us If you get caught stealing it, you're going to embarrass your mother.
The voice didn't say You're going to get your butt kicked. We knew that already and expected that from experience. No, that inner voice said You're going to embarrass your mother. You're going to embarrass your family.
Today is election day and the city-girl will be home from school in about 30 minutes. She and I plan on tackling the local DMV to get her Virginia-legal.

After that, we're going to vote. This will be her first time! How lucky am I for being able to be a part of that?

And shame on you, if you don't go vote.

Monday, November 3

Timing Is Everything

I generally ask several times before JB agrees to a trim.
When I get a yes--I'm off for the scissors.

Sunday, November 2

Lady Bug, Lady Bug--Your House Is On Fire

The warm sun streaming through the patio doors
has invited an invasion of LadyBugs.

Since I live in an old house, the LadyBugs don't have to work too hard
at getting inside. Inevitably, they all end up inside with me.
There's a bajillion of them--flying and buzzing around.

This one looks like it's ready to take flight!

When I was a kid, I remember seeing Lady Bugs and reciting my own version
of the nursery rhyme:

Lady Bug, Lady Bug--Your house is on fire.
Your children are inside.
Your better get home before they burn up!

I also remember the Lady Bug scurrying off in a tremendous hurry
once I had said my piece. But, now that I'm 50 instead of 5,
I realize she was trying to get away from me.