Wednesday, March 22

The Last Rodeo

Yesterday my parents celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary. I'm in awe. I'm on my third round -- something my husband I deemed "the last rodeo" (his third, as well) before we tied the knot.
So, do you think that's what makes it work?
My parents got married at a young age. That's just the way it was done then. Mama was 16 and Dad was 19. I think they have suffered through the ups and downs of matrimony. Can't remember any big trouble, though. I haven't made the mistake of asking my mother that one -- she might tell me something that would shatter the illusion I have of her and Dad.
Sometimes they bicker like siblings, other times like best friends -- trying to get the best of one another. What I like is that they are there for one another. Both are vocal in their opinions and the other (pretends to?) listen.
My parents have separate bedrooms. I'm not quite sure what brought that on, although Mama says Dad snores and flops around in sleep. I guess this is just another example of how they identified a problem and resolved it together.
Which brings me to my point today: Marriage is a commitment, a promise to one another to always "be there" physically and emotionally.
It seems too often nowadays, when things get a bit uncomfortable, folks just want to run away.
I'm taking the bull by the horns on a day to day basis and I guess my other half might be the rodeo clown, providing the much needed diversion from the serious business of life.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

See, by having separate bedrooms, he thinks that... well, you know...

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