Monday, May 22

Learning Patience

I had a friend once tell me that God will give you an opportunity to learn patience. If you don't take advantage of that opportunity, it's okay--He'll give you another.
I'm hoping that won't be necessary.

I am learning to live with one hand (more like, trying to live with one hand). All the things I truly enjoy require two-- cooking, sewing, gardening, etc.
Looking at this whole situation from a different angle, I'm thinking perhaps God's intention was to divert my attention away from my daily "busy work."
I enjoyed a visit from my daughter this week filled with candid conversations and long embraces. She was a tremendous help to me in both a physical and emotional capacity. The best part is when we pile up on the couch to watch movies, all hugged up together, just like when she was a little girl.
This carpal tunnel surgery may have very well been intended a "smell-the-roses" injury.

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