Wednesday, October 4

A Crone is Born

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature

but beautiful old people are works of art
. - Eleanor Roosevelt -

I've done a bit of research and it appears I am a crone. Actually, hag is also accurate given my age and menopausal state. I'm afraid slang definitions have taken over for the later word and ruined its chances of ever being uttered in a positive light.

I'm not 50 yet, but I see it in the not so far off distance.

“…you only begin to discover the difference between what you really are, your real self, and your appearance, when you get a bit older…A whole dimension of life suddenly slides away and you realize that what in fact you’ve been using to get attention has been what you look like…It’s a biological thing. It’s totally and absolutely impersonal. It really is a most salutary and fascinating thing to go through, shedding it all. Growing old is really extraordinarily interesting.” (Quoted by Germaine Greer: The Whole Woman)

I'm shedding it, for sure. I look the same to me, except for the gray hair and a few ever-growing lines. I realize, though, that I am now the
new and improved me.

“She would be a woman who did not exist to embody male sexual fantasies or rely upon a man to endow her with identity and social status, a woman who did not have to be beautiful, who could be clever, who would grow in authority as she aged.” (The Whole Woman).

I’ve always spoken honestly… some may even call it bluntly. But I accept responsibility for my thoughts and make a real effort to communicate objectively, without blame or disrespect.

I realize that we each are responsible for our own happiness. Self acceptance and forgiveness is at the very core of this. Having done whatever necessary to heal my own wounds, I now have a deeper compassion for others.

“Weaving a cocoon out of the substance of one’s own life is the necessary prerequisite for the emergence of the psyche: in withdrawing we create a way out….Going down into the subconscious and coming back out again are vital parts of the soul’s search for meaning…which is what the crone represents. Through having to complete nearly impossible tasks, the Crone earns her healing power. Turning away from a world to discover whether you are really alive is unquestionably painful. But it is in the conscious acceptance of loneliness- when there is nothing else to do- that a natural process of healing occurs.” (Vicki Noble: Motherpeace Tarot).


Stuntmother said...

I followed you here from Troll Baby because I admired the succinctness of your comment (as well as agreeing with you). And then I find this lovely meditation on aging. I am not yet a crone. Or a hag. I believe I am looking forward to it, although not without some fear, because the stage I am in right now is betwixt and between and the urge to cling to youthful good looks is strong and yet the chance of clinging fading rapidly. Germaine Greer's comments really struck home.

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

This post touched me in ways I don't even begin to understand yet. But somehow, this gives hope for the future. Optimism and peace from where I am at this moment. (I'm so glad I didn't miss this post)
Cheers! (from one whose youthful beauty is rapidly fading into something I can love anyway)
Thank you,