Thursday, August 14

Raisings & Raisins

I know the picture looks like raisins.

The picture is what was left of a container of white grapes that I purchased and put in Miss Jessica's apartment refrigerator when I visited during July 2007.
I took the picture when I visited May of 2008, when I spent a week packing her up and found it still in there where I had placed it almost a year ago.

Do you think she intended to make raisins--naturally? Or maybe cleaning the fridge just wasn't high on her list of priorities...

Watch Post Raisin Bran Cereal at

She's been here long enough to decide she doesn't like it here and misses Texas. But that's today. We all know from a hundred years of experience that tomorrow always presents things in a somewhat different light.

I'm hoping her future here in Virginia will be like the grapes-to-raisins thing and eventually pan out, if given time.


Christine said...

ok, i've never been to texas but i can't see NOT loving virginia. I miss it all the time.

and those "raisins"--yuck!


Gwen said...

ooh--that's gross.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Gee, Texas ain't that good. Probably what she misses is some friend(s) or other.