Wednesday, March 25

Marriage is An Outdated Concept

I'm packing up to head to Austin in the wee hours. My youngest has a bridal shower Saturday.

And no, my husband is not driving me to the airport. Is that something a husband should do?? My husband is appalled that I should suggest it.

I cleaned the refrigerator today and planned enough meals so he wouldn't worry the neighbors and his mother while I was gone. I can drive myself the 23 miles to the airport, but... what is a partner for, really???

It's a woman thing, I guess.

I'm waiting on the last load of clothes in the washer and he's fast asleep on the couch. Will he know when I have left?

Were it not for the remaining 4 weeks I have to reach my degree, I'm not sure I would come back.

Does it matter??

Well, the city-girl daughter has re-acquainted herself with tennis and there is a match April 10.
I am anxious to see how she fairs. She will do wonderfully. I will take pictures and share them, I promise.


Linda and her Twaddle said...

Hmmmm, and then some men wonder why their wife is not so keen on being "intimate" with them when they roll into bed after sitting on the couch snoring etc...

When you think of it, marriage is a jolly good thing for a man isn't it? Perhaps you should do nothing for him before you go?

Irrespective of all that, have a good time. Lots of pics please.

(un)relaxeddad said...

Hmm. Can't you do the last six weeks via distance learning? Our relationship ( a partnership, not a marriage, though I guess marriage will eventually happen for the kids' sakes) kind of depends on my knowing how to operate a bloody washing machine. or dishwasher. And knowing where the laundry basket is. And being able to feed myself. Has he no pride whatsoever?

Nessa said...

I didn't marry until late (43) so I don't think my marriage is "normal" because I'd say, "Get your ass up and drive me, ya putz." Mostly because I wouldn't want to leave my car at the airport and pay that extra money.

becky @ misspriss said...

Hubby & I always give each other rides to/from the airport so we don't have to pay parking fees. We do it for friends, too. I see it as part of friendship with someone. You do things for the people you love.