Wednesday, April 8

The Thrill of the Chase

Inevitably, something catches our eye.

And instinctively, we are in hot pursuit.

All thoughts are on achieving this one thing.

As the ultimate goal comes closer into view, we develop tunnel vision.

No one or nothing can stand in our way now.

All the excitement.
All the surge of emotions--both high and low--
with no thought beyond the chase.

No thought of what's next...


Nessa said...

Those are great shots. I love the hearts of dogs.

Rhea said...

At the risk of sounding like a cliche, I learn a lot from my dog, including the lesson you have illustrated here: live in the moment!

Poetikat said...

Wow! Is this on your property? I can't imagine how wonderful it would be to witness that! Look at those white tails go!