Friday, May 22

Doing The Deed

Looks like the baby girl is no longer a baby.

The city-girl daughter and I will be heading out on Wednesday for the mad wedding rush. We did another day of dress shopping today and I'm satisfied with my choices. I think the city-girl daughter is happy with hers, also.

Much to the dismay of my salesclerks, there will be no strapless gowns or halter dresses. I believe the mother of the bride should have a certain level of dignity. PUHLEESE!

I've spoken to the bride-to-be about twice a day here lately. I'm thrilled by the turn of events--usually she calls about once every two weeks!!

It's just so hard to comprehend her being at this stage in her life. Marriage is scary--of course, it has always been my experience that the females seem to understand this concept better than the males. (I'm not hatin' on the men. I like men. Why else would I have done this three times already??? I've just never seemed to find one up to the challenge!)

I've encouraged her to "just chill" and let the events unfold.

I'm ready to enjoy this celebration of two individuals sharing their love for one another.


dadwhowrites said...

Marriage! Completely beyond me but always love to hear about other people doing it!

Pretty Things said...

The photo with the high heels is adorable! Poor Zack, all he ever gets to stomp around in are Birkenstocks!

class-factotum said...

Could she be any cuter??