Saturday, October 10

Honestly, Though...

I'm going to lay it all out there and give you more. It wasn't really my idea, though. Well over a week or so, I got tagged for the Honest Scrap Award by my pal across the way.

Here's the rules:
I now have to say 10 honest things about myself... I'm going to bend the rules and break it up and do 5 and 5.

1. I really enjoy the outdoors-- landscaping and gardening, that is. It's an escape.
I'm a bit weary today as I moved the immediate yard yesterday. I quit when I couldn't see anymore--at just about dusk. My feet were tired. JB usually mows but his mower broke a belt about a week ago and he's just a bit too caught up with other things to replace it.

I don't mow the big stuff! I just mow around the house so the knot-heads don't beat me around the ankles when I go from the driveway to the house. I use the mower I finagled from my ex-husband during our divorce. It's self-propelled, so after about 2 or 3 hours, it's pulling me around the house.

And the house isn't really that big. There's a studio on the left that JB uses for woodworking. It's not attached, but does look like it from the road.

2.I have been forced into learning patience.
I love the back yard. When I first moved back to Virgina, I begin planning a walking garden. Now I am afraid I have created much more than I can keep up with.
And I have great plans for that little guest house. One day...

3. I'm a closet hairdresser.
I cut JB's hair probably twice a year, although he needs it done more often. I usually badger him until he submits! He really needs a professional to do it for him, although I must admit I am getting better (and faster) at getting it done.

4. I'm a bit obsessive.
Generally, when I start a project, I go full steam. Unfortunately, I begin to wear out before I'm quite through. I always finish what I start, but end up dead tired. Let's just say I sleep well.
Today for example, I cleaned the basement. The weather has turned cooler so I had to make room for all my plants. It's done, But I am ready to get horizontal!

5. Sometimes I feel like I'm running out of time.
I can't believe that more than 50 years of my life has passed! It makes me feel like I have to hurry to do everything that I'd like to get done.

6. I wish we could all be honest.
Why is honesty so hard? Really, it's the simpler way... and there'd be an end to assuming.

Okay, so I did 6. That just means I'm ahead for tomorrow...


Jen on the Edge said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only person who cuts her husband's hair. I've been buzzing Pete's hair for years and it's a good thing that's what he wants because that's all I know how to do. :-)

ashleighburroughs said...

My husband cut my hair for 20 years until he "retired" last summer. Barbra Streisand and I both slept with our hairdressers:-)

That's some yard you mowed - here in Tucson we take the rake to the mulching rocks.

dadwhowrites said...

Wow! You did it!

The running out of time thing...I knkow what you, though I find that regarding my almost 47 years to date as distinct 'lives' helps. I'm only halfway through the second in careers terms.