Wednesday, July 13

I'm Blending

Where have you been? You have missed soooooo much!

I have lived in this townhouse for well over a year now. I am the anomaly. I am convinced that the majority of people who live here are probably under 25 (based on the total lack of responsibility and disregard for others) . I'm not hating on the young people. I'm just following the stereotype that has been presented thus far. I realize it is strange to actually throw your trash away rather than have it spill out of your car into the parking lot--and when carrying trash to the dumpster it's just too much trouble to move two feet over to the next dumpster if the first one is full rather than to attempt to balance yet another bag on top of the overflowing pile--but, I guess I'm just a little bit crazy because I believe in personal responsibility and respect for other's living environment. What a crazy idea??

Yep, I'm the crazy lady that gets upset when someone parks in my spot. They are generally more than happy to move when I tell them they can have my spot if they want to pay my rent.

I also have no problem pulling on a bathrobe to knock on their door at all hours to let them know their stereo or TV is too loud. When met with resistance (imagine that!) I suggest I share the sounds of my early morning routine with these night owls. They have been amazingly receptive.

I have created my own little escape--my haven--within these four walls--these two floors.

It's all about communication...

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LAW said...

I just wanted to say (two years too late) that I loved reading your blog in years past. I have never deleted the link in my favorites bar in the hopes that you'd return to writing but it seems like that's not meant to be...and if you ever see this, I just wanted you to know that I hope you are doing well :)

- L