Sunday, February 5

C'mon Spring!

Saturday was the perfect day with just enough sun to tease me into thinking winter was just imagined. Just a hint of wind. Not enough to chill, but just enough to keep you from breaking a sweat. I hiked up the hayfield and looked back at the house and all our projects (in-progress). I felt like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic -- "on top of the world!" My mind raced with plans for spring.
Sometimes I feel like I'm in a race. There are many, many things I would like to see come together so at some point I can just sit back and just delight in it all.
The higher elevation also gave me a new perspective on just how much has been accomplished. It's hard to see change when you look at it, live it, day after day.
I did manage to get sheets hung on the line. I planned ahead! I love crawling into bed with that marvelous scent. Talk about aromatheraphy -- it's right up there with eucalyptus and spearmint (which is said to be very soothing and relaxing).
I am taking a que from my eldest who amazed me by saying "I try to eliminate the things in my life that cause me stress." She's 21! Where did she find that wisdom??

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Poetikat said...

Here's my motto: 'Aggro's gotta go!'