Sunday, July 15

Cruising The City

I've rode with my daughter a time or two since I've got here... in her new car. This one replaced the car that hit a brick mailbox some months back.

She's not the reckless type, really, but has managed to total 3 cars. I think I totaled one by the time I was her age. But I didn't grow up in the city.

I wish I could convince her to come back to Virginia with me. And I am fully aware it is for selfish reasons... my peace of mind. If she were closer I could watch over her, take care of her. But she is strong-willed like her mother, so my guess is she will continue to live in this over-priced studio apartment in Texas. I've alerted the apartment management to repairs that have been neglected--I can't help but think they're taking advantage of the younger folks. I assure you, my voice dripped honey when I carried the broken shelf from the refrigerator and let them know the freezer was dripping a pan of water a day. I'm thinking the apartment manager is ready for me to go back to wherever I came from.

My flight left this morning... without me. I do miss home, JB and Momo and Pop. But my business is not finished here. I can't leave just yet.

I need to teach this pretty young lady how to cook in an efficiency kitchen. But first, she has to learn that she MUST eat.


slouching mom said...


Eating is important.

Good on you, mom, for staying.

KathyR said...

Cripes. Her insurance must be astronomical.

And I lived on popcorn and takeout for a while when I was her age. I didn't die.

Hang in there, Mom.

Christine said...

This makes me think of my mom talking me through living on my own, telling how to wash, cook, etc for myself. I didn't think I needed all that help at the time, but i clearly did. And I lvoe her for it.

Jennifer said...

I hope your daughter is listening to you and learning from what you're saying.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Oh, my, do you have a full plate.