Wednesday, June 11

Learn To Count Your Blessings

While I was in Texas packing up the oldest daughter and grumbling about sleeping on loveseats and air mattresses, JB was doing his part for the world.

As I understand it, one of the neighbors ran over a turkey's nest and left 13 eggs homeless. My husband stepped in, aided by my little friend down the road.

Stella, (our talking thermometer) found a new home standing watch in the incubator for the unborn turkeys. I understand my crystal desk lamp was needed as well.

I have come to rely on Stella. She tells me the indoor temperature as well as the out door temperature, at regular intervals. I guess I have become somewhat spoiled.

I'm often entertained when she flakes out and gets things confused sometimes. This minor malfunction causes alarm to guests and is often a source of amusement to JB and I.
Nonetheless, she responded to a higher calling while I was away--and I understand.

I missed crystal my lamp, but quickly got over it when I realized how fortunate I am that the eggs are not in my kitchen!

I went down to visit the eggs today.

I think the due date is June 20.


KathyR said...

Your JB is a good egg.


Imperatrix said...

How sweet!

Interesting that each egg has a red spot ... And does the green terry thing have a purpose, or is that just incidental? (Trixie wants a chicken -- not that we would hatch it from egg -- and so I'm interested in anything fowl right now.)

jenontheedge said...

What beautiful eggs!

Have you read "Animal Vegetable Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver? There's a chapter in there about this very topic that is very entertaining.

cce said...

That's quite a science project...crystal lamps and LED technology. Lucky little turkeys. Somehow I don't think they'll ever thank your JB properly but here's to a good man!