Sunday, January 4

A New Year, A Fresh Start

This gift from the city-girl daughter brought tears to my eyes on Christmas Day. I've hung it in the living room to remind me that the best things can take a little longer.

Practice makes better.
But I have found that anything you do consistently becomes easier, wouldn't you agree?
It's best to never give up. You have to keep trying new tactics and be open to constructive criticism. Never, ever give up.

And if the shoe fits...
I pulled out a nice pair of heeled clogs yesterday to see if I could still enjoy the added height without killing myself. I'm still alive. The empty shoebox proved to be too great a temptation for Lina. She is still trying to find her niche, exploring every new area.

If you step off the curb, you can always step back on.
Yesterday, I watched as a spider dangled just inches from the whirling fan blades in the bedroom. Surely he must have realized his mistake in judgment too late. I called JB in to watch as the spider was suspended just a fraction above the spinning blades. JB immediately cut off the switch in an effort to aid the disoriented creature, giving him am opportunity to recover. Once the blades stopped though, he didn't seem to recover--or maybe he didn't want to.

My dog, Blue, has life all figured out.
He appreciates good food, how the warmth of sunshine can enhance a nap, and how a ride in the car can change your perspective.
And thanks to my youngest daughter, Blue and I can enjoy XM Radio while we ride!


MidlifeMutant said...

I hope this isn't crass but I must know where she got that plaque.. I want one..

(un)relaxeddad said...

Happy new year! ANd I'm glad to see your scrabble has improved ;)

Poetikat said...

That's such a thoughtful, lovely plaque with so much meaning. You're blessed, Mizmell.

Lina's a sweetie - cats have always got to fit themselves in the tiniest places. Dogs are the smart ones, I guess.