Wednesday, January 7

I'm Singing

I've held off posting for days, unsure of what to release. Life is not pristine--but I've pointed that out many, many times. Whose life is??

Sometimes I think we are a product of the media. We read fairy tales. We see far too many romance comedies where everything works out happily every after. Is there such a thing?
It's just plain mean to present such propaganda!!

It is what it is.

I read those posts of happy family life. I'm skeptical. I had that perfectly-presented-to-the-public-life for some 18 years. When I got to the point that it became increasingly painful to live the lie, I divorced the guy. We all have the right--and obligation--to live a truly happy life.

I'm down for the truth these days. Why mislead any unsuspecting youth? It just wouldn't be fair.

I'm into this marriage 7 years now. I'd like to think it's perfect, but I know better. I am thankful that I realize my happiness is not dependent upon it.

Now, that's progress.


peaceableimperatrix said...

marriage is hard, hard work.


KathyR said...

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. And anyone who says there is or says they have one? Lying or delusional.

I guess it's just a matter of how much imperfection you can stand. I mean, yeah, "it is what it is." But if someone's throwing trash out their window, you don't have to stand right under the window.

Minnesota Matron said...

Truth is best. My marriage has good and sad times - not bad, just sad because we're not helping each other as much as we should be. Usually that's my fault!