Friday, July 31

I'm Twice Her Age

Since we last visited, the city-girl daughter turned 25.

I sewed those flashy silver sequins on a red shirt at her subtle request.

She told me since she had never gotten a "4" dress like her sister, I should do it.
What was I thinking? I never realized the flash was something she wanted.

She had a lovely day with lots of flowers.

A single rose from her male acquaintance before their lunch in the next city
(not her significant other, mind you)

And a lovely bouquet of varied pink flowers from Miss Jeni.
Once I saw the lilies, I knew it had to be from Jen.

The birthday girl retired early--
as a responsible young lady should--
ever mindful of her obligations the next day.


Linda and her Twaddle said...

I remember my 25th birthday. When I look at your girl I wonder if I was actually that young and peachy.

Nessa said...

Rabbit, Rabbit!

Happy Birthday city-girl. Sarcasm is a good skill to have.

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slouchy said...

Aww. Sounds like a good time was had by all.