Tuesday, July 14

And She Doesn't Cook?

The city-girl gets caught up in the moment sometimes. We talk about all sorts of things. We discuss current events, human behavior or the latest celebrity gossip.

And sometimes in the the midst of all this, I'm cooking.

While I'm busy doing chopping, I'll cleverly ask her to stir what's on the stove. My hands are wet or messy, so I'll ask her to check what's in the oven or fetch me something out of the cabinet.

She's been "helping" in the kitchen since she was a small child so she does it without hesitation. But I really pushed the envelope when I asked her to turn the eggrolls while I prepared more...

But I know how she likes eggrolls.

1 comment:

dadwhowrites said...

Maybe we'd better start training dudelet now. I at least get as far as chopping and microwaving most days :)