Sunday, August 2

It's Best To Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Most mornings when I walk through the kitchen I can see a basket-full of dog on the deck.

He looks quite comfy, doesn't he? And things are so quiet and peaceful until he wakes up!

Sometimes I can get through a glass of juice before he wakes. I try to be quiet, but he's usually awakened when I dump the carafe of water in the coffemaker.

He's not a slow riser. If I were to open the patio doors just a crack, he'd leap up out of the basket and be ready...

And once Lina appears in the kitchen, we start yet another day of a battle between the sexes, so to speak. He snarls, growls, paces and body slams the door in an attempt to rattle her.

But Lina is always in fine form. Like a true lady, she does her very best to just ignore him.

1 comment:

Nessa said...

I like that line: basket full of dog. He is adorable.

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