Saturday, August 22

Zero Minus Ten And Counting

So JB has been gone for what--five days now--and can you guess how I decided to spend my time?

I had great plans. I had decided to "chill -lax" (the city girl's words for chill and relax)--but do you think I really had it in me? Wouldn't it have been grand, if it had happened?

But no, it didn't.

I decided this was the opportune time to get the bedroom done. And remembering that I had traded a car (two years ago) for a little cash and enough labor to get the bedroom all sealed before winter, I jumped at the chance.

JB left at 7:45 am on Wednesday and by 8:00 I started moving furniture like a woman possessed. By 2 pm when the materials were delivered, I was ready.

I did have a bit of help. Pop came over, two days running-- to make sure everything was wired correctly.

So here it is Saturday night and I'm looking at at a a lot of drywall yet to sanded and painted, but I feel good about what has been accomplished. I would have liked for it all to have been done, but this is what happens. You do what you can, right?


dadwhowrites said...

I couldn't even begin to contemplate that level of project! Let alone in five days. Had you been planning ti for a while?

MizMell said...

I have been planning this since I felt the breeze of the first cold winter--'04, I guess. There have been cracks around the door large enough to see daylight! This has never been a priority for JB, though.