Tuesday, February 9

Living in a Freezer

When the last round of snow hit, I pulled on my boots and climbed up the driveway. I decided it wise to retrieve the second snow shovel before it became buried until spring. I knew we'd need it before the day was out.

A neighbor brought their tractor over and plowed the driveway. Once the sun came out, I gathered my best garden digging shovel to break up the melting ice and toss it aside. After clearing five to six feet of the driveway, I crawled into the Saturn to gauge my progress. After about fours hours of alternating these two tasks, I was finally able to make it to the top of the driveway.

I actually embraced civilization yesterday and was able to venture out. The city-girl and I carpooled because her Mustang is still covered.

Our schedules worked so that we could both attend classes--something that hasn't happened since last Thursday. Aware of the new bout of storms coming, I left the car at the cattleguard at when we returned home yesterday at dusk. She and I maneuvered the uneven terrain of the driveway with it's layers of ice and snow.

The ground cracked and popped under our feet as we carried our books, purses and the few groceries we had picked up on the way home.

This is where the Saturn sits today.
I hiked up the drive in 28 degree weather early this
morning to check the road conditions.

If only I were a teenager with no responsibilities or fears of injury,
I'd spend the day sleigh-riding...


Jen on the Edge said...

I went out for a walk this morning and found that the ice has gotten worse in the past few days and is in fact quite treacherous now.

Nessa said...

You need a sled and horses or dogs. Ours is going to start again in 3 hours.


Poetikat said...

Mel, you must feel rather like a pioneer, do you? Hope you have something comforting on the stove to take off the chill.

Come and see what landed in my backyard yesterday: