Friday, February 5

Snow Daze

The gargoyle on the back deck, caught in the fallout from the last week's snowstorm seems to echo my sentiments exactly. If he could speak, I'd imagine he'd emit a cry similar to that of Dan Ackroyd in the coneheads when he caught his daughter making out with an Earthling--you know, Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtain?. I was hoping to put in an audio clip, but was once more reminded that the world has moved forward and now Coneheads could mean a band.

The first snow covered my car.
It took two days to dig it out and
five days before I was able to venture out into civilization.

I busied myself with studies,
cooking enormous pots of soup and

digging paths for grateful short-legged dogs.

Just as the last traces of snow were sinking into the earth
(and melting and seeping into the basement, I might add),
we got snowstorm number two.

The gods smiled upon on us this go 'round, though
Sensing our aching backs from the first round of shoveling,
they made this a very dry snow.

More tunnels for grateful short-legged dogs...
more sweeping water down the drain in the basement...
more soup!

This time, I was able to venture out in just three days. Progress!

But poor Blue is sighing more these days as he is
no longer free to run far and wide each morning
nor enjoy the privacy to which he's grown accustomed.

And it's snowing again...


Jen on the Edge said...

We got ice and rain early, but it has now changed to snow only.

dadwhowrites said...

Aha! You've posted again! I do love the gargoyle picture.

Kerri said...

I've got snow here today too - 4 inches already. Thank you so much for visitng my blog and commenting. I appreciate your kindness!

Nessa said...

I did a post today names snow daze too and another with my dog in the snow too. We're like twins.

Flash 55 - Buried Secrets

Linda and her Twaddle said...

It all looks so beautiful despite the inconvenience it can pose. Thank goodness for the internet.

"And so our stories go..." said...

How lovely the snow. And your photographs look marvy.

Ashleigh Burroughs said...

Loved your photos - loved looking at the snow - glad I don't have to shovel it!

Poetikat said...

I didn't realize what you've been dealing with! Living in the country is beautiful, as long as Mother Nature cooperates!