Saturday, May 29

Sometimes Its Just a Question of Character

I just finished catching the tail-end of The Story of Us. Every time I see this movie, it gets me. Marriage is hard work. The payoff is excellent if the necessary commitment--by both parties--is realized.

I see married couples everyday all day at my job. It's very easy to distinguish those who have put in the work and those who have not. It makes my day to hear the happiness in the voices of those who have taken the time to strengthen and maintain their relationship, long term. Like I said, marriage is hard work.

I didn't leave the kingdom on a whim. I tormented with the decision for some time. I attended marriage counseling, solo. But just two weeks after I had left, I began to get reports from neighbors--three, in fact--letting me know that JB had began seeing someone else on a consistent and regular basis.

I don't begrudge him for this. I just wish he had been honest. No, really--I expected him to be honest.

But his actions are just the confirmation I suspected would validate my decision to leave.

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Nessa said...

I always expect honesty too but it is so hard for some people.