Thursday, August 3

All that Energy and No Direction

I was reminded earlier this week, quite by accident, how important is to set boundaries and to appreciate the boundaries of others.
I have a relative that comes to visit quite often. Maybe too often. I've been coming up with all kinds of ways to drop subtle hints to let him know that a day to myself would be great. I have to remember that it is ultimately up to me to set those boundaries--and enforce them.

I introduced him to my neighbor. Now he has another stop on his list and less time at my house.

People only do what we allow them, right? (I tell my Mother this all the time and she gets a bit put out with me, I think).

It's too easy to spend all our energy getting upset, rather than using that energy in a more positive manner -- perhaps to focus on what we CAN change in an effort to alter the upsetting situation.

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