Friday, August 25

Everyone Deserves a Blue Day

No matter how wonderful things seem, a little rain must fall to keep us on our toes.
We're moving along, seemingly making progress, and them two or three situations may hit us all at once... and BOOM! we have a bona fide pity party before it's all said and done.
It's all too easy to lose sight of progress if there's a few consecutive bumps in the road to rattle you out of gear. I had a day like that today.
I had some individual with his underwear (or her panties?) in a knot today, giving me crap I really didn't have the patience to deal with effectively. (It's an ebay thing.) I run a little short on patience most days anyway. Most folks, it seems today, want everything for absolutely nothing. When they find it's not possible, they blame the first individual in sight.
Then I had my youngest call from the school bookstore needing an authorization in excess of $400 for books for this semester. Let me interject: I am so proud of her. She is a junior this year and is damn near starving to death while trying to get her education. But see, my pity party had already started so I ignored her needs and focused on my own. I needed attention. I wanted her to tell me soemthing wonderful... like maybe she missed her Mom or some equally self-absorbed bullshit... Needless to say, that conversation did not go well. I inadvertently added stress to an already stressed-out kid. (I DID call back and apologize profusely!)
I went to the pharmacy to get my "crazy pills" (hormones) refilled. That went well, I think. They are going to call my doctor for a refill. What sane man will NOT refill a menopausal woman's hormones????
By the time my other half arrived, my eyes were leaking. He asked me what was wrong with genuine concern.
He then summed it up, just as he always does: "I go out and work and bust my ass everyday. I can't be coming home to a balling woman. This is bullshit. You need to get your act together."
I know it sounds a bit crass... but he's right.
We have three children between us. None together. One in school, one self-sufficient and one we're working to get that way. It could be worse for sure.
Bottom line: We all are responsible for our happiness. But for some odd reason, we think it's up to everyone else to make us happy and in turn, we think we are responsible for the happiness of everyone we hold dear.
Moral of the story: Deal with it. Do the best with what you have to work with...

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