Saturday, August 5


Ah the joys of being a southern lady! You swap vegetables with friends and relatives.

I have an abundance!
I'm not complaining (or trying not to--I keep thinking of those people who don't have).
I am just trying to keep up. I've gotten very creative. Did a bit of research and found new and different things for cucumber.
I found a recipe in a Southern Living cookbook that is quite wonderful. I have found that Southern Living will never let you down. Anyway it's a cucumber sandwich recipe. Now, don't go turning your nose up until you try this---it's wonderful tasting and very light and refreshing.

2 packets Ranch dressing mix
1 8 oz tub of spreadable Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Miz these two items up really well. Then use this as the spread on whole wheat bread. Thinly slice cucumbers and onions. Crunchy, fresh and tasty.

I also have a cucumber spread that is great on crackers. Grate cucumbers (2 medium). Then mix with a couple of diced onions and 8 ounces of Philadelphia Cream cheese. Add Lowry's Seasoned Pepper. Chill.
If you want to get real fancy, you can put little cucumber wedges on your crackers, once spread.

I spent 20 years of my life in West Texas, so the surplus of tomatoes, peppers and onions are turned into Pico De Gallo.

But--I would love to have some new recipe for yellow squash!

Here's a little gardening humor:

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