Tuesday, September 12

Just Fix It

I read in the paper this morning scientists believe that global warming has caused the strange weather we've been experiencing.
It makes me absolutely ill to think that we are all responsible for Hurricane Katrina.
The religious right has stated that God was just punishing the sinners in Louisiana -- I doubt Washington D.C. would still be standing if that were the case! (Or Crawford, Texas for that matter).

I'm trying my best to stay off the old soapbox. It isn't easy.

I truly hope that everyone realizes what is at stake in this next election. Please don't wait for your neighbor's vote to make the difference. Step right up to the plate and cast your own. And please let it be your own. Don't be swayed by news propaganda or viewpoints of friends or family.
Please research candidates just as thoroughly as you would anything else you plan on being around for at least 4 years. Bear in mind also, how expensive the president is in terms of salary... and factor in the damage they may be capable of in 4 years time.
I'm pretty upset with the current state of affairs. Somewhat embarassed for the country as a whole.
What do you say... how about we just fix it?


goldenlucyd said...

Please don't stay off the soapbox on my account! I'll join you in a NY minute. You are so right about voting too. All of us need to keep doing out part and that starts with a personally responsible vote.

I really enjoyed your previous posts. I had to laugh about Sir Walter Raleigh. It certainly is true that some real scoundrels have been white-washed over time. But Sir Walt was a pretty good-looking critter even if he wasn't a paragon of virtue!

Rhea said...

I do, indeed, believe that Hurricane Katrina was due to the manmade problems in our atmosphere. Stronger storms than ever and all kinds of other erratic weather are to be expected. It's hard to know where to begin to fix it. I am progressive politically. I would like to say that a Democrat over a Republican would improve things, but I think only marginally so. They are all bought and sold by strong lobbies, etc. Sorry to be so negative...

3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

I know what you're saying abut researching the candidates and the initiatives that are on the ballot. The problem is as rhea stated; they have all been bought and sold before they ever reach my voting sheet. And for me, it comes down to picking the lesser of the two evils. (or three as the case may be) At the moment, I do believe we have one of the most corrupt and greedy administrations I have seen in my lifetime, in office, right now. Watching citizens rights erode, watching the economy tank for all of the working poor, the spending of this government is completely out of control, and far from the least, this war on terror that this administration is trying terribly hard to link TO the war in Iraq. This administration is full of lies and smoke and mirrors, and for the most part, all I see is apathy from the general population. Not that I see the Democratic party (for which I do belong) as being lily white innocent. But it does come down to choosing the lesser of the two evils.

I would like to say that I have enjoyed reading your blog, the way you look at things and your writing style, MizMell. :-)