Thursday, September 14

Perception vs. Reality

I've realized the mind will play tricks on you.

We all see things the way we WANT to see them. And we all see things through our own window, or viewpoint of the world (See photo: my favorite window).
What makes life interesting, or humorous, or a real challenge... has to do with what happens when we forget the simple fact that we are all not looking at life through the same window. Sounds simple enough to correct, doesn't it?

Just remember we all don't see things the same way. With that thought in memory, maybe no voices will raise and all patience will remain intact... no one will "lose it."
Another thing I have found to be very helpful is to "listen with the intent to understand, rather than with the intent to reply."
I'm even putting in a little 5-10 second delay before I speak, just to be sure.


3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) said...

"listen with the intent to understand, rather than with the intent to reply."

Sounds easy enough, but does take conscious effort for a while, before it becomes something one naturally does. Excellent advice MisMell. As was realizing that we all look at things thru a different window. By the way, your window is beatiful. ;-)

I am very much enjoying what you have to say here MizMell, and have blogrolled you.

Hope you have a happy Thursday.


Jean said...

Yes indeed! Hi Mizmell. Thank you for visiting my blog (do revisit to see my answer to your comment). I'm pleased to have found yours.

Janet said...

I'm a teacher. The other day I wrote a do now on the board for my third graders that read:

"Write about 5 things that make you special".

Before long I had kids telling me they were finished, a few had four reasons, others had seven, some had five. One kid who had a different amount other than 5 set me straight. It said ABOUT five.

All in the eye of the beholder indeed:)