Thursday, February 1

Avoiding Heartburn

Windshield time really is a blessing. If you're alone, you can talk to yourself. Yes, this is a good thing. It always helps to verbalize. If you have a traveling companion, you have the gift of uninterrupted conversation.

Yesterday I ventured out with packages and coerced my 70 year old mother into the Saturn for the 26 mile ride to the nearest Fed Ex location. The ride includeds blurbs from childhood, marriage and employment... random thoughts expressed honestly as they came to mind... giggles and rants.

I listen. Each trip provides a bit more insight into what is involved in a 53 year marriage. What works. What simply is not tolerated. How siblings turn into a silent support system as we mature.

It's hard for me to associate age with either of my parents. My other half points out that it may be because I have difficulty associating myself with the present number indicating my current age. Age is just a number.

I detest stereotypes... and the narrow-minded thinking that comes with it. People are like good meals-- meant to be savored and appreciated for their unique flavor.

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