Thursday, February 8


This single word can either create squeals of anticipation or the moaning and groaning of dread.

I'm sure when Ms. Astronaut was planning her roadtrip, it made perfect sense and was carefully planned.

I look forward to hearing just what prompted her to chase after a woman who may have been involved with a man that she is somewhat involved with...

Also, how do you think she feels about her trip--and her well-laid plans-- now that it's all said and done.

Hindsight inevitably affords us the opportunity to view events from a fresh perspective.

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Rhea said...

When she got caught she was already expressing regret. The only thing I would regret if I were in her shoes is wearing that diaper in the car. Years from now, when she dies, her obituary will identify her as the Car Diaper Lady. Can you imagine?