Tuesday, April 17

Quick Thinking College Students

I spent the bulk of the evening listening to the accounts by students of Virginia Tech. I'm amazed at how well these young people handled themselves in such a horrific situation... how quick thinking and logical.

During each interview, reporters made (what seemed) repeated attempts to initiate animosity towards the school or the area. However, each student interviewed seemed only angry at the gunman for this senseless massacre. Overall, the students felt the school had done what they felt was best given the amount of time and circumstances. Each really loved the school and the area, in spite of what had happened.

I am so very proud of this group of young students for pulling together and keeping their heads in this time of crisis. Some actually jumped out windows to escape the gunfire, while others found shelter behind closed doors.

After the day they had had, they braved the cold to share information with the world in interview after interview. Bless their hearts for what they have been through in the past 24 hours. And bless their hearts for what is to yet to come.


slouching mom said...

Yes. Oh, yes. Thank you for writing this.

I was so angry to hear all of the reporters trying to twist these students into saying that Virginia Tech was at fault for not warning them. It was just so gross.

But they did well, these kids, even after having been through something unimaginable.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Nicely observed, Missy.