Tuesday, April 3

We're Celebrating At My House

No new recipes (but I have a few good ones in reserve, if you're interested). We dined on leftover meatloaf. I was just too damn pre-occupied with leftover situations from the weekend and beyond to delve into the cookbooks for something more exciting. Sorry.

I have a wonderful Southern Living meatloaf recipe (which rivals my other half's mother--although that was never my intent!) and I'd be more then happy to share. I just never thought of meatloaf as something special. It's more like a "what's at the bottom of the heap" recipe.

I'd much rather have something with some real flavor. Plus, with all I've read lately, I really don't feel good about any recipe that calls for red meat. I think I'd much rather have some brain food (fish). I'm ready for some Shrrimp Scampi or a shrimp stir-fry with a dab of my pear honey.

Anyway, I decorated for Easter.

The other half could care less, but--he'll work around it, if it makes me happy.

This little chickie ensemble used to take Jeni Rae days to get arranged just right.


anna said...

Love your multi-colored chicks! I'm inspired to go buy jellybeans...

blackbird said...

I LOVE those little chicks.
I like their feet.
We have a few and they will by scrunched up in plastic eggs for people to discover instead of candy...

Rhea said...

I love the chickie decor.