Wednesday, October 8

I Saw It All, My Friend

The city-girl daughter called last evening as I was walking out of class. She was checking to make sure I'd be watching the debate with her.

I've seen a few good debates in my day, and this one didn't even make it to the bottom of the meter.

I sat through the entire debate with my bowl of popcorn waiting for some substance. I never saw it, my friend.

I just wish I'd spent my time counting how many times McCain said "my friend." Every time he uttered that phrase, the city-girl daughter would look genuinely confused as she turned to me and asked "Who is his friend?"

These are scary times indeed...


LisaBinDaCity said...

I couldn't make myself sit through it. Now I'm especially glad I didn't!

jenontheedge said...

Oh my friend, I feel your pain.

Anna said...

I am SO with you on the repeated "my friends". It ended up creeping me out. Come do my thought experiment!