Tuesday, October 28

A Taste For Memories

It's that time of year again.

And although Halloween is Friday, don't be fooled into thinking
this copper kettle is filled with Witch's Brew.

JB is busy making plans for what will be our third year of Apple Butter.

And as expected, some who have been involved in past years
have decided not to be a part this year. Can't say I blame them--it is a lot of work!

We're slated for the last weekend before Thanksgiving
and we have a new couple to break in this year... and the city-girl daughter!

It has all the makings of wonderful memories.


LisaBinDaCity said...

How fun is that???

jenontheedge said...

On a similar note, we're over here working our way through 40 pounds of apples -- most of which has been turned into applesauce, but some of which is being used for pies and whatnot.