Thursday, February 5

439 Times in 3 Years

Today is my blogoversary--and I nearly forgot. It took a commenter wishing me a "Happy Blogoversary" to remind me.

I've been too preoccupied with Cisco's WAN exploration class and trying to learn C++ programming via a web class. The stress of the workload is getting to me.

I took a hot shower this morning and tried to decide whether it was stress, lack of yoga, or if I was having a heart attack and just didn't understand the warning signs. I figured I better clean up and fix up just in case it was a heart attack.

JB came home midday to find me all weepy debugging a C++ program. Those of you who understand this language may find my reaction quite silly. But those of you who have no earthly idea about C++, would probably empathize.

After my eyes had leaked sufficiently into my floral handkerchief, I managed to correct 30 errors. I have no idea how--and of course part of the assignment is to document how.

This entire episode reminded me of my Jeni when she was just a little girl. She often practiced piano through tears--pushing herself to the limits of her ability. She played well, but seemed intent on torturing herself by taking on projects meant for more accomplished players. But in the end, she was always victorious.

In middle school, the city-girl daughter made herself physically ill maintaining her high grade point average--as if to do well was not enough, she had to be the best. She was first chair cello in the school orchestra and the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and a top-ranked tennis player in the state at the age of 14.

I guess sometimes you just have to find out just what you can do.

I invite you to check out my first blog post, written 3 years ago today. The advice given to me by one of my daughters three years ago still rings true.

But, first I have to get through this semester of school...


Nessa said...

Wash that stress right out of your hair (and wear clean underware.)

Happy Blogiversary!

Hope said...

It's commendable you are sitting there trying to get something done and crying your eyes out. I just sit and cry my eyes out sometimes. heh.

Kathy said...

I can relate to the programming thing. That's pretty much how I made it through learning Pascal (Yes, I'm a hundred years old) and Accounting. I think the tears helped.

Happy blog anniversary!

Poetikat said...

I thought I'd commented on this. Sorry Mizmell.

Happy Belated Blog Anniversary. I always enjoy your posts (when I can make it round).

Tears of frustration are tears nonetheless. Take it easy - don't work too hard and don't worry about the blog. (That's easy, right?)


Jean said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary. This is indeed a milestone worth celebrating. Most blogs don't last this long.

I had that same problem when I was in college. It was a minor subject though but I just barely made it.

Here is some piece of advice: (this is meant to make you smile) :)

Goodluck on your studies!