Friday, February 20

Turnabout Is Fair Play

I'm still struggling with C++.

I think it may be because I want to use the index rather than reading the text. I'm programmed for shortcuts.

There is no shortcut for programming, I'm afraid.

I was in the midst of this when the youngest called late this afternoon. She sensed the tension in my voice immediately and inquired.

I let it all out. I told her hold this programming class was killing me. I told her how I had fears that this class may do me in and I may not graduate. I told her I just had too much on my plate right now. I was stressed and wasn't sleeping well. I suggested I was pulling a "Jeni" and reminded her of how she had shared the very same apprehensions during her last semester of school.

She laughed-- a deep (knowing) belly laugh.

She then proceeded to relate her memories of her last semester in school and how stressed she had been. She reminisced about how she just knew that being so close to graduation, there would be one prerequisite that she hadn't met-- and she would find out too late! She reminded me of our "brink of disaster" late-night conversations.

She then said she would be "mom"for a minute. She suggested I run a hot bath and soak. Or perhaps I just needed to put school on the back burner for the evening and have a glass of wine and chill. Or better yet, maybe I needed a dose of Rescue Remedy.

These instructions were followed by another deep belly laugh.

I'm not slow... I understood completely what was happening, as quickly as it occurred. But rather be distressed by the role reversal, I'm really quite thrilled.

How nice it is to have your children looking after you.


slouching mom said...

and she was absolutely right, your daughter! ;)

Nessa said...

I was never so stressed as when I was taking programming classes. I think it's something to do with the literalness of it all.