Saturday, February 14

Broaden Your Mind

I've decided to tackle my demons head on.

I began this good read at the hairdresser's yesterday. I feel better. I'm not sure whether the book should get all the credit, though.

Realizing the power of a good read, I gave JB this book for Valentine's Day.

I appealed to his inner geek and got him a technical manual!

This book has just hit the shelves and is a fabulous find for mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. It's written by best selling author, Gregory Lang and you should get yours now for Mother's Day. It'll make you weep. It'll make you laugh out loud. It will touch your heart.

This'll have to wait a bit longer to hit the shelves.

Pop turned 75 on Thursday and is busy writing his memoirs.
It's still a work in progress.


Nessa said...

A book for everything and everyone.

(un)relaxeddad said...


I'm seriously impressed. Meanwhile, I'm working through a book of 142 ways to re-awaken the romance in your relationship. The sort of thing I'm notorious for eviscerating. I've set up a random number generating formula on a spreadsheet to give us one a day to work with. Shh - don't tell anyone...

Poetikat said...

My father was an excellent writer. We tried for years to get him to pen his memoirs and he never did. There are so many dates involved that we could never recapture it the way it needs to be told.
Great books, I'll look for them.


Shinade said...

Wow how cool is tis? I think it's fabulous!! Happy Birthday to your dad!!:-)