Monday, June 29

The Best Laid Plans

Try as I may, I still can't grasp the idea that lists, goals and plans don't guarantee success.

I'm in denial, the city-girl daughter tells me matter-of-factly. She not cynical, shes says. She's a realist.

Okay. Okay. I'm listening, but I'm not really hearing any of it. Learning to ride the waves, rather than resist the pulls and tugs of daily living, I've decided is the key.

Just last week, I photographed this delighted traveler as she was setting off for a short visit with a childhood friend.
After finishing another semester of school, and working too many shifts waiting tables, she was obviously embracing a few days off to relax and catch-up

So off we go--in plenty of time--to the airport west of our little kingdom. With more than an hour to spare, we were feeling good. That is until the city-girl daughter's ticket number could not be found in the system. It was only after she and I had both tried several times, did I notice her flight was booked at the airport to the east of our little kingdom.

Back in the car we went, knowing are chances of catching the flight (more than 50 miles to the east) were slim to none.

No harm, no foul is what my old friend the nurse always said.

During the drive, arrangements were made to catch the next flight via phone. It really worked out better because we had time for lunch and a proper send-off.

She doesn't look near as excited the second airport, does she?

Upon seeing this sign, she reminds me I have always told her she was special.

This face is in response to the TSA asking if there were any sharp objects in her bag.
She replied, "Tweezers?"

Having completed all the necessary check-in procedures, she explains the events of the day to the anxious folks who have a limo waiting for her in Atlanta.


Nessa said...

i make a million lists too and they really don't mean I get more down or things work out the way i plan.

Your daughter is beautiful.

dadwhowrites said...

I've started reducing my lists at work to no more than 3 to 5 items - it was just getting riduculous. Meanwhile, I have a relatively new assistant. The lists she makes up for me go on for pages! Poor girl. She still hasn't grasped that if it's had to go on a list, I probably haven't the faintest interest in doing it...