Saturday, June 20

I'm A Delicate Flower

So I can relate to my dog, Blue.
I did not pass my certification exam Thursday.
Disappointing? Yes. But not fatal.
After another round of hitting the books, I'll give it another shot.

So what happened to the Academic Excellence student?
I'm thinking a wee bit of test anxiety...

So, I'm taking a breather for the next day or so. I plan on learning to relax.
The city-girl daughter has suggested I don't know HOW.

The problem is there's always something that needs to be done.
But Lina has no problem just chillin' while JB mows our bajillion-acre yard.

But even JB know when to take a break.
He rescued a turtle while mowing and brought it to safety in the Hosta bed.

The flowerbeds and the garden are calling my name.
But I've been encouraged to stay inside as the humidity is very high
and I am a delicate flower.


Jen on the Edge said...

I'm sorry that you didn't pass. Hopefully a break from the grind will be restorative.

Nessa said...

You will do it next time.

Relaxing is very hard work and takes lots of practice.

Poetikat said...

Undaunted Mizmell, you must carry on. It will come.

Take a tip from the animals who know how to chill.


dadwhowrites said...

Next time! It's like driving tests. Test anxiety, especially when you're out of practice, is horrendous. And tests are so unreflective of bumpy reality...

petrenkov said...

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