Tuesday, September 1

Critical Thinking

I saw this bumper sticker while visiting this place:

I was taken with the charm of the more than century-old buildings. I couldn't help but wonder whose footsteps preceded my own as I stepped along the brick walkways.

A lover of all things historic, I was hooked after all of about two visits.

And so I find myself in school again--a week into it. This time, it's different though.
My classes are literature and gender studies. There are no labs to complete, but rather pages to read in preparation for class discussions.

And what discussions! My faith is renewed in this new generation--by those twenty-somethings--who express themselves far better that I could ever hope! They're objective and clearly well-prepared to embrace this changing world.

I shall hope I can continue, but have my fears now. My home life has been rocky for years now and I feel the shifting becoming more intense.


dadwhowrites said...

I hope you continue - space for formal, structured thinking, real thinking is surprisingly grounding.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Sorry, I know I'm new here, but what place is this?

(I was going to tell you how I got here, but I've forgotten already...can you tell I'm not a twenty-something?)