Thursday, March 20

I Can See Clearly Now

Before my head is off the pillow, I watch the birds as they fly from one feeder to the next. The tree tops wave to let me know they're doing the best they can to keep our belongings out of the next county.

High winds today. It rained last evening while I was pushing to get through absolute Excel formulas. I heard it beat on the windows behind me and never once looked out. I was on a mission.

I broke briefly to enjoy a dinner of fish and fries. JB had planned it so I could be finished by the time dinner was ready. There's only one problem with that. You can time dinner, but you can't always time homework.

After dinner, back to the books I went. JB hand washed the dishes, ignoring the hungry Bosch dishwasher, waiting to be fed. We all have our habits, I guess.

I had two phone calls within an hour of the other. Anticipating a lengthy session, I plugged in the headset for my cordless phone. I just recently purchased this nifty little gadget from the clearance bin at Target so I can keyboard as I listen. Mama's are the original multi-taskers.

Jess is wrapping things up and getting things done in anticipation of the move to Virginia. We have talked off and on for a year now, about her returning to school. She's 23 and has waitressed and tended bar since she was 17--long enough to embrace a change. I assure her that the same drive and determination that has sustained her throughout this time, will be invaluable in college.

Jeni's written board exam was Tuesday. I was holding my breath, waiting to her her thoughts. Turns out, she had thought it was Tuesday, when in all actuality it is next Tuesday. This wasn't a good thing. Last week was spring break for her. She had used that time for studying and bypassed a trip out of town.

I suspect the down time did her more good than nightlife in Austin. She agreed when I reminded her there's always an opportunity to party.

I miss that rotten little curly headed child that tried my patience. The one that had me making Daisy Kingdom patterns out of printed sweatshirt fleece and cotton lace. She was a tomboy that wanted to dress like a girly-girl.

I have pictures she emailed me of her wedding dress, but I'm afraid of posting them. I haven't even shared them with my sisters, for fear of jinxing something. But I will share the description Jeni emailed me:

It's a strapless, half-A-line, half-mermaid style dress w/embroidery and beads on the bust and down one side. The veil has beads and shit on the ends to match.

Note: Here's a little clip which may help explain the label for this post:


the end of motherhood said...

"..beads and shit"! She is my kinda bride...

Christine said...

for some reason the video won't work now. . .

anyway, the dress sounds lovely--i wish i could see a picture!

Running on empty

Anne said...

I like the "bitch is the new black" didn't work but doesn't was great (sent it to my mom - republican, and my aunt democrat - sisters)