Thursday, March 27

My Friends Are All Outside

Looking the other way doesn't work well with deadlines.
Come to think of it, I can't think of a single instance when it does work.

I've been facing all the mounting daily challenges head on--
putting in a lot of late hours and stumbling to bed
closer to midnight most days.

I need a break occasionally to clear my overloaded brain.
The sunshine streaming in the windows
lures me away from computers and web design.

Once outside, I take a walking tour of our little "kingdom,"
soaking in the fresh air and sunshine
while taking notice of the latest gifts Mother Nature has brought us.

I spent one afternoon trimming all the bridal wreath.
I'm noticing more things that are starting to bloom...

Every little bloom is encouraging me
to get through with all this book stuff,
so I can come play for the summer.


anna said...

Do you have a house for your sweet feathered friend?

KathyR said...

If you had my legendary discipline, you would be out in the yard playing already.

Pretty photos!

Anne said...

Those are great pictures of the blue bird. We have at least a month before the blue birds come back ..orioles come in mid April...and i think bluebirds come in May.

sharryb said...

Blue birds! How wonderful. I've never seen any in my yard, although I know they are around outside of town (southern oregon).

Hang in there with school. I'll never forget the last class for my MS in Social Science Education. I was sort of giddy and wondered if I were about to pass out!


Christine said...

there is not one thing blooming here. not. one. thing.

i can't wait for spring to reach western new york.