Monday, March 17

Keeping It Together

Cause for celebration today--I made a 96.5 on my last environmental biology test. Woohoo!

But I have a definite interest and that may have something to do with how I manage to put in the necessary study time, no?

The signs of spring are all around me--so much that it's hard to concentrate on studies if I'm anywhere near a window.

With rising costs, I'm already planning what I shall do with my garden space once the Georgia Collards run their course.

And I tried the most wonderful new cheesecake recipe for out last Friday night get together. It's a bacon cheddar appetizer cheesecake.
I'll post the recipe in the next couple of days.

And this delectable treat is a chocolate chip oatmeal bar with peanuts.

Very tasty and healthy (in a shady way).

Side note: The wedding dress shopping trip went off without a hitch! Sister and father were able to put aside their differences for the day on behalf of the bride to be. Ain't life grand?


anna said...

My dafs are up too! Spring is indeed here. Glad to hear the wedding dress shopping excursion went well - did they find a dress?

KathyR said...

Did you say Bacon! Cheddar! Cheesecake! ?

You did, didn't you.

cce said...

Those two food pics have me wanting those recipes!
Congrats on the daffodils (we are far from that kind of spring day here) and wonderful that the shopping trip went off without a lot of fanfare.

Gwen said...

Please send spring and any food item containing bacon my way. :)

And congrats on your good grade!

jenontheedge said...

The bumper sticker is great.

And your garden looks so nice. I haven't planted any early spring veggies this year, so I'm trying to be patient for May. I'm hoping to have my first asparagus harvest this year.

Minnesota Matron said...

Wow -- great photos! And I am jealous, shivering here still in the northland.

Christine said...

another mouth watering post!

can you send some spring to upstate ny please?

Running on empty

LisaBinDaCity said...


Oops, sorry, forgot myself for a sec!

(un)relaxeddad said...

I must put up some daffodil shots! Mind you, spring seems to have retreated in London over the last week - freezing rain, freezing winds and just plain freezing in general. Congrats about the test.