Thursday, April 3

Aliens And Fairies

I have often noticed these dark rings on the hillside
and wondered what had caused them.

Turns out, they're fairy rings.

I imagine if aliens had caused these patterns,
my attack dogs would have swiftly scared them away.

And if my dogs had managed to catch any alien intruders, I'm sure
I would have seen the them gnawing on their bones in the front yard
--if aliens have bones.

But I think the deer would just look at the aliens
like they had two heads.
Hell, for all we know aliens may have two heads.

But we now have another theory, with the fairy rings.
And I much prefer fairies to aliens any day...
mainly because I've never seen a horror movie that involved fairies.


TEOM said...

Is that a crocus? SO pretty.

cce said...

That hyacinth is lovely and your grass so vividly green. Every thing's still so brown and boggy around here. It's hard to imagine we'll have shades of green soon. I love your fairy rings. That's so something my G would get a major kick out of. I'm hoping for some of my own once the yard turns from mud to lawn.

KathyR said...

How do you know the doggies didn't dispatch the fairies?

Anne said...

That is very interesting... have you pointed those out to anyone? The circles...I can tell when deer have been laying in grass...hmmm freaky.